S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Election, cont'.

On the first Tuesday in November, when other Americans were voting on replacement Senators, school board members, sheriffs, judges, and state constitutional amendments of international concern, all I had to vote on was one City Council Member-at-Large. One item to fill out on a ballot shipped all the over the ocean for an issue only of relatively local. One circle to color in. (Is this why coloring inside the lines is taught early and often in kindergarten?)

I love receiving ballots. They show I'm still tied to my roots, to local politics in a place I don't live in, reaffirm my connection to it. Even better, for the last several elections, they've showed up on their own. I didn't have to request them the way I have had to in the past; it still seems a little magical that the county's remembering to post them to me.

Many of the issues, large and small, on Election Day's ballots were resolved promptly. The one small race in which I voted, however, came so close that the county is having a run-off election.

And so, to my delight, another ballot came in the mail today.
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