S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Decorating for the holidays

We came back from a weekend away (C. in Preston, I in London, Oxford, and Preston), parking along the street as usual.

I looked at the house on the left. I looked at the house on the right. "Why do so many people have fully-lit menorahs when we're only a couple of days into Hannukah?" I idly mused to C.

He thought they weren't menorahs at all, not in the usual sense, but rather an extrapolation: menorahs are sold this time of year, therefore they must be a Christmas decoration. Therefore there are lots of fully lit ones in windows around the neighborhood. It's rather surreal.

Speaking of which, I bought a card wreath last January and have started using it for the first time. I love its stark simplicity as a wreath, although that's rapidly being lost beneath cheerful seasonal cards. (For those of you who have inadvertantly helped decorate it: thank you!)
Tags: holidays

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