S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Dominant paradigm

I have a hypothesis: there will be no more package deliveries until the last delivery date before Christmas.

Only an unexpected box arrived on Wednesday. None arrived yesterday. None have arrived so far today, and they're more prone to doing so in the morning than any other time. Today, I suppose, they have an excuse. It snowed last night, a few iced-in inches of decorative, world-brightening lightness. The roads around here are still wholly passable.

You'd never guess from this packagelessness that I ordered a frenzy of packages over the weekend, paid for their prompt delivery (but not overnight or two-day), and have received dispatch notices for most (all?) of them. I have sat in the house by the front door all day (working, it is true), waiting for their arrival. But no.

Perhaps it is this absence of delivery that has made me increasingly conscious of the tags and reassurances attached to the packages I am ordering at the same time for delivery in the US. They all tell me that yes, yes, it will arrive in time for Christmas. Some companies will provide free shipping upgrades to ensure it. No, they will not ship yet, not yet but soon, and soon will be in time for its arrival on the 24th because they are considerate and paying extra so it will ship late and fast.

What if I wanted it sooner than the 24th?
Tags: holidays

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