S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Reading signs in NYC

The Metrocard (subway fare card) top-up machine asks its credit-card payers to "dip" their cards. That's not a word I've ever met for "stick your card in the slot and pull it back out again".

On one subway car, one corporation had bought all the ads on one side of the car, a different company on the other side of the same car. Rémy Martin cognac and Dunkin Donuts tuna sandwiches make for a very odd combination.

Jet Blue wins at advertising today. The ads for fake products on the subway which would recreate the "Jet Blue experience" if you were "stuck" flying on a different airline were entertaining enough. What really made the campaign for me, however, was running into a real storefront filled with those fake products! A full-length Hollywood movie in flip-book format! Sachets of airplane snack flavors such as nut salt! And other slightly less exciting things. (Yes, it really was a fake store, in a real storefront.)
Tags: language, travelogue

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