S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Grocery store

I love going to the grocery store when I'm visiting somewhere else. It's full of the alien and the familiar, products I hadn't realized were stocked in this region or country, new brands, and new products. In this case, the grocery store I grew up with has been completely rebuilt. Not just remodeled - it's a whole new, much larger building. It was still part-construction site the last time I was in Des Moines. Now it's finished.

The dried fruit selection is impressive. I've never seen baby coconuts for sale before, let alone know what one would do with them. What a lovely selection of salsas! I'm luck to have a choice of two or three at the average English grocery store. The ground meat selection is superior too, with ground beef coming from a whole variety of specific cuts. Smoked pork chops sounded appealing.

Relatedly, I'm indulging in lots of "real" apple cider and am looking forward to store-bought egg nog, both favorites, and neither of which I've ever found in the UK. (I like home-made egg nog too, but it's as different from the store-bought as mac and cheese is from Kraft dinner.)

The real moment of being back here, though, was when the grocery loader was loading our bags of groceries into the back of the car, after we'd paid and gone back out into the snow. This is a store which will wheel your cart of groceries out to the loading zone and, matching number slip to cart, load them all up for you. We had a wonderfully friendly loader, social without being overbearing in the least, a little sore from yesterday's snowboarding and rueing the irony which led to weak-muscled staff assigned to car-loading duties. (The better for building up her muscles, clearly.)

The UK has all sorts of grocery delivery services, but I've never seen car-loading done at supermarkets there.
Tags: food, two sides of one ocean
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