S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Storm Driving

I drive the storms before me wherever I travel. D.C. was blanketed by blizzard a few days before I arrived there, trailing an ever-decreasing amount of snow as it blew up the rest of the east coast before my visit. Des Moines was settled into snow and deep cold, topped up daily by an inch or two or flakes to keep the snow pretty.

Driving southward over the past few days, our coming was more potent. Springfield, Missouri received the most snow our friends have ever seen there, a good three inches. In Little Rock, the first snowfall of the year announced our coming, a littering of white which had largely melted by noon.

An artic chill had settled over the midwest. (Thanks to crustycurmedgeo's weather report for the big picture.) The lows were well below zero Fahrenheit when we left Des Moines, and plunged colder in our wake. The cold snow was powder fine, dancing in swirls and gusts across the roads like dust devils until halfway through MIssouri, when it had warmed up to slush.

Other trip notes:
- At a rest stop in Missouri, we picked up a new map of the state, good for 2010 to 2012; the state's future is mapped out.
- The new American Indian installation at the Nelson museum in Kansas City has some really wonderful things in it. I was particularly astonished by micaceous clay, which can be fired to a gorgeous metallic silver, no paint necessary.
- Muscadine grapes were an ongoing source of controversy and interest; I could not have previously told you that grapes were berries, but they are.
- Good visits with friends in southern Missouri, including my undergraduate roommate.
- Many things learned from the Arkansas guide book, almost none of which was useful for anything except conversation. Did you know that Arkansas's state beverage is milk? (P.S. I see that the dairy lobby has been hard at work.)
Tags: travelogue

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