S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

What? Really? Finally!

I know that many of my friends are Harry Potter fans - I take that back. Many of my friends are rabid Harry Potter fans. I think it was only the minority of them that did not post today on the new book coming out in June. C. even sent me email this morning, hoping to be first to me with the news but, alas, I'd already read many peoples' journals by then. I'm happy about it, of course!

(littleowl, the following was inspired by, but not addressed to you, since you already know this. You probably made the right choice ordering it there since the postal service is much, much speedier! At least it's being released on the same date in the UK and US this time!) Public Service Announcement: It's vaguely amusing seeing people order the British-spelling version of it from the UK when they can get it just across the border, here in Canada. Then again, it'd probably take just as long to get it from England as Canada. Possibly even less long. Canada and the US have highly inefficient mail systems compared to the UK's.

Generally speaking, Canada uses UK spellings and American vocabulary. We get the original versions of the books and the movies here. It was funny - I was first introduced to the books over a break a few years back, in the US. I read all the ones that were out then and duly went back to Canada. At which point I thought that maybe another one had come out, or perhaps Katie hadn't known about them all, since there was a nice new one, HP and the Philosopher's Stone!

Another HP story for today: I was just talking with a friend whose father works as a caretaker for a very particular church complex. This church is one of those that believes HP is devil-tainted - all those real spells hidden in the Latin and the weave of the writing. They believe in devil possession too. Anyways, they had some toys donated to their Christmas toy drive, but heaven forbid they contaminate the kiddies with the HP toys which were donated! The result - my friends get them, since she's obviously unreemable, and I'll have the HP Potions game on long term loan from her.

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