S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Winter walking

In Des Moines, where I grew up, there's lots of snow in the winter. As a result, city ordinances require that everyone clear the sidewalk in front of their home or business within 48 hours of snowfall, subject to fines. The other week, the company responsible for bus benches had failed to adequately clear benches and curbs for people waiting on buses; it made the newspaper.

Here in London, there's not usually much snow. There still isn't much snow, but it has snowed a few times in the last week. This is a place which just isn't prepared to handle snow, however small the quantities, which in many ways makes it more dangerous than places which regularly receive large amounts of snow, like Des Moines. Last year, the one time it snowed, lots of people were out the next day with their garden shovels, clearing the pavement. (Almost no one owns snow shovels; there's not usually enough to justify it.) This year, with a week of minor accumulation, no one on my street has done a thing about the snow or bits of ice in front of their houses. austengirl said she'd heard that this year, advice was against shoveling, for fear of creating irregular walking surfaces which could lead to injury and lawsuits.
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