S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


hungry_pixel, thirstypixel, and inbetween_girl - There's a Tia-the-dog stamp coming out from Royal Mail in March. (Part of a Battersea Cats & Dogs series which is heavily biased towards dogs - 3 cats, 7 dogs.)

pittenweem - There's a St. Andrews mini-stamp coming out out two weeks after Tia-the-dog. (A tie-in to a series of Stewart stamps.)

(And as long as I'm on the subject - coughingbear - I assume you have an 1860 Able Seaman stamp already?)

Also - they're working their way steadily through royalty. In addition to the House of Stewart, Lancaster, York, and Tudor are coming up in the first half of the year, with miniature tie-ins for related events and people, such as the Royal Exchange and Drake's circumnavigation of the world.
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