S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Bertha founds St. Martin's

Bertha and Aethelbert

From Pope Gregory I, to Queen Bertha of Kent: "the nation of the Angles through the zeal of your Glory".

Short version of the history for those without context: In the sixth century, Bertha was a Merovingian princess who married Aethelbert, king of Kent, whose capital was Canterbury. She brought her priest with her, and she converted Aethelbert (and by proxy, Kent) to Christianity. She restored a Roman (?church ?temple), St. Martin's, as her place of worship. Thanks to her efforts, when Gregory sent Augustine to convert the Angles, he had a warm welcome and was given land to found what became St. Augustine's monastery. That's Bertha's hand in the foreground, showing her establishing the religion "here", with Aethelbert in the background.
Tags: canterbury
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